Supporting the UK's CCPs and HECs

The primary goal of Software Outlook activities are to support the UK's Collaborative Computational Projects (CCPs) and High-End Computing Consortia (HECs) in the development and optimization of their world-leading software. These activities include

  • Evaluations of new programming languages, libraries and frameworks
  • Investigations into timely and cost-effective exploitation of current and near-future systems
  • Demonstrations into how specific software technologies can be applied to existing applications
  • Providing guidance on the principles of best practice within software engineering

Further details are available by following the links: Current Projects and Past Projects.

Software Outlook is funded as part of the Computational Science Centre for Research Communities (CoSeC), which is based within STFC. CoSeC is funded by EPSRCBBSRC and MRC.

Software Outlook Team (all members of STFC's Hartree Centre)

  • Luke Mason (PI)
  • Sue Thorne (Co-I)
  • Benjamin Mummery
  • Philippa Rubin
  • Vendel Szeremi

Software Outlook Working Group

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